I had a conversation the other day with a guy who asked me what I do in my spare time. I replied, I have a passion for fashion, make up, photography and blogging. He said, “well no offense, but anyone can be a blogger.”

I wasn’t offended; in fact, I was inspired. I agree with that statement. It’s true, anyone can be a blogger. But that statement inspired me so much because anyone can be anything. Anyone can be a blogger, anyone can be a photographer, anyone can be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher or a janitor. Really, whatever you work towards, you can be. It may not be easy, but nothing worth it ever is.

It’s tough to become a successful blogger. The content must be engaging, original, and visually appealing. I don’t plan on going to med school, but I can assume it’s really tough to become a doctor. If you put in the work towards whatever it is, you can do it.

No two blogs will be the same. No two teachers will be the same. Just be yourself, share your unique gifts.

So, don’t be afraid to take up that space, to be whoever you want to be. If there are a million nurses, you can be number one million and one. If there are a million bloggers, you can be number one million and one. Because you have something to share with the world. And what you share will be different because you are different. Now that’s something special.

Don’t worry that there are others out there who are doing something similar. Don’t be offended when someone says, “there are a million bloggers”, “there are a ton of photographers”, “there’s so many lawyers already”. Be inspired. There may be a lot of bloggers, but each one is different and each one has something to share with the world.

Xoxo • Julie