Okay, simma down. But really, I love dressing up & painting up my face for Halloween. I figured I’d share my costumes this year in hopes of giving you all some inspiration, because that is what I am here for my friends. 🙂

(I apologize, I didn’t have the opportunity to take high quality photos, but these iPhone pics will do!)

My first costume was SUPER last minute. I had a skeleton body suit from a costume a few years ago (when I won a costume contest!!) so I decided to use that. When I wore the bodysuit previously, I wore it with just tights but because this was last minute, I wore it with leggings over it and a sheer cover up. I got my make up inspiration from this video, but I made it simpler. I literally did this whole look with a Revlon eyeliner, Sephora black eyeshadow, and Stila Kitten glitter eyeshadow. So anyone should be able to recreate this look!

Last Minute Skeleton Costume

Last Minute Skeleton Makeup

My next costume was my big costume that I have been planning for months because that’s the type of person I am. 

Two Types of Halloween People

This costume was a ‘Dead Mermaid” (or dark mermaid or skeleton mermaid). SO OBSESSED.  Can I dress like this everyday? Because it speaks to my soul. The top was DIY. I used a seamless bandeau because I didn’t want to just wear a bra top or bathing suit top. Then I simply just hot glued shells onto it. I got some inspiration from this blog

For the scales, I used fishnet tights which I am sure you have seen tutorials for. I used the Melt Cosmetics Gunmetal Stack, the Urban Decay Electric Palette, & Kat Von D Ink Liner.

Dead Mermaid Make Up

Dead Mermaid Costume

Dead Mermaid Costume

Dead Mermaid Make Up

My last costume is what I wore on Halloween night – Scar from Disney’s Lion King! I was SO in love with this make up!

Scar Make Up

“Hey, Uncle Scar, when I’m king, what’ll that make you?”

“A monkey’s uncle. -_- “

Scar Halloween Costume

What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever dressed as?

xoxo · Julie